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“Quality education and quality lifestyle forms better citizenship”

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St. Joseph’s College, Hassan celebrated its 10th Annual Day on the 6th April 2018. The Chief Guest of the day, Dr.MalleshGowda, Head of the Department- Kannada, AVK First Grade College, Hassan delivered a speech on the quality of education in the present context and the role of the teachers and the parents in forming the students.

The guest of honour, Rev. Fr. Elvis Lewis SJ, the Principal of St. Joseph’s Pre-University College, Hassan focused on the importance of overall development of the students and forming them into better citizens of the world.

The President of the programme, Rev. Fr. James Gonsalves SJ, Secretary of Hassan Jesuit Educational Society, encouraged the students to excel in all fields by quoting the Jesuits Colleges in the state specifically, who were listed among the top 100 colleges in the current NIRF ranking. He also added: Care of persons, MAGIS- ‘to strive always for better’ and Social Concern should be part of our learning.

Launching the website of the college ( the Director of the College, Rev. Fr. Roshan Pereira SJspoke on the issue of attracting the students from various states of the country and abroad, brings in a rich cultural diversity among the students, and open mindedness to accept the differences among them.

The Principal of the College, Mr. Dinesh M.Gaonkar presented the Annual Report of the College with a documentary of various events and achievements of the academic year.

The convener of the programme Mr. Anil M. S., English Department, President Mr.Likith and the Vice-president Ms.Kavya were present.

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